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Crossroads Zwarte Madonna
2005 ~ 2006



 Afbeelding ~

De hoek Zwarteweg en Turfmarkt een Panoramisch Landschap met Nomaden.


 Concept ~ What Fredric Jameson called for an aesthetic of "cognitive mapping" as a means of enabling individuals to regain a sense of place in an
increasingly islocated and fragmented, postmodernist world. Radically new forms will have to be invented, he wrote, "as yet unimaginable" new modes  of representing what he efers to as the "unrepresentable totality which is the ensemble of the city's structure as a whole." It is not only the city that has become unrepresentable - the multinational, global economy in which contemporary cities are meshed is equally abstract and illegible. In his essay, 'Postmodernism,  or The Cultural Logic of Late Capitalism', first published in 1984

 Techniek ~

Foto’s gedrukt op backlight foto papier.
Zwart wit - grafische ontwerp vlaggen van acht ramen.


 Maat ~Foto's ~ 3300 cm x 270 cm.
Zwart Wit Doek 6x 50cm x 270cm
DatsoGallery Multilingual
By Andrey Datso